In the Spotlight

Principal Roberson
It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Newton County Elementary School website.  The teachers and staff join me in saying we are very excited and happy to have you as a part of our school’s family.  We sincerely hope this will be a successful and rewarding school year for you.
We use this website as a means of communicating between home and school.  There are many policies, regulations and services discussed in these pages.  Please read and keep your handbook readily available throughout the school year.
Many of your questions have been anticipated and we are always available to clarify any questions.  Below you will find phone numbers for key staff members.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.
Newton County Elementary Main Office                    601-635-2956
Mrs. Sarah Barrett, School Nurse                              601-635-2325
Mrs. Tonette Cochran, Food Services Supervisor      601-635-2584
Mr. Justin Chaney, Transportation                              601-635-2148
Close cooperation between the home and school is essential to promote the best interests of your child.  Parents are encouraged to visit school and attend scheduled parent/teacher conferences.  If you do not have an appointment, please call ahead to schedule one with your child’s teacher.
We encourage you to make a difference in your child’s education by building positive and productive relationships with your child’s teachers and other staff members.  In addition, parents are invited and encouraged to participate in school activities.
It is our goal to provide our students with a safe learning environment while equipping them with skills they will need to be contributing and productive members of the twenty-first century.  Quality education takes a team effort.  Please join us in ensuring your child is on a winning team!
Jason Roberson, Principal
Newton County Elementary School 
For information concerning the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), click here.
For Parent Night Information, please click here.